About Us

The Doc Doc Goose Podcast is a health podcast like no other.  Most people are interested to know and understand health topics, but it’s hard to find a way to get that information without being bored to death.  The Doc Doc Goose Podcast is here to solve that problem.

Dr. Shaun Palmer, PT, DPT, ATC and Dr. Ben Ihms, DO are the medical brains behind the podcast, joined by the Goose, Matt Ihms. The mixture of personalities, with two healthcare professionals from different backgrounds, and one host who has no medical background makes discussions over health topics fun and relatable for everyone.

On some episodes, the cast dedicates the episode to single current topics, bringing on expert guests to help educate the audience.  On other episodes, the cast each brings a recent health article to discuss, which often leads to conversations that no one is expecting.  In their pursuit to provide education, the Doc Doc Goose Podcast also has a blog on their website that covers a host of health and medical topics.  They have teamed up with experts in all different areas of health and wellness to blog with them and educate people on a host of different topics.

You can check it out at www.ddgpodcast.com.

Also follow them on instagram and twitter @theddgpodcast.

You can also find them on facebook at www.facebook.com/theddgpodcast.

The Doc Doc Goose Podcast is available on all major podcast platforms.