Meet The Hosts

James Scott

James born Glasgow, Scotland saw his first basketball game on tv in 92 the Dream Team playing in the gold medal game were he seen a little guy called John Stockton and thought that could be a game he could play.  John Stockton would happen to play for the Utah Jazz and as chance would have it James would be taken to Utah as a child to visit with the Allen family.  James would become more interested in basketball especially after their trip to Utah in 94′ when James on the advice of Tommy Allen would would pick the Utah Jazz to be his team.

Katie Brinkley

Katie is cohost on the NFL episodes of Across The Pond. Residing from the other side of the pond, she lives in Denver Colorado.

Katie has had a passion for radio since she was a little girl. She dreamed of being the next Susie Wargin or Erin Andrews, calling football plays behind the microphone. 

fter landing her “dream job” as a post game reporter for the local sports radio station after college, life ended up taking her down a different path.

Ryan Docherty

Ryan born in Coatbridge, Scotland has a smorgasbord of sports knowledge and experience. First became infatuated with basketball at the age of 10. Went on to play Div 1 and BUCS basketball. When he’s not playing, talking, coaching, or reffing basketball you can usually find him either planning or travelling to many foreign lands. He’s so far been to 13 out of the 30 stadiums in the league.

Chris Blyth

I got into Hockey as a kid through playing the Sega Mega Drive games and originally supported the Pittsburgh Penguins. My Dad would regularly travel to Phoenix for work so when the Coyotes sprung up in 1996, allegiances had to change. 

Unfortunately, Hockey wasn’t shown in the UK and whenever I would visit Phoenix it was always out of season so in a pre-internet era my interest in the sport waned. 

Josh Brinkley

Josh lives in Denver and is an outdoor enthusiast.  He loves to ski, hike, bike, paddleboard, and camp with his wife and two daughters.  

He also loves sports and is a fan of the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Broncos, and San Diego Padres (he grew up playing baseball in San Diego).

Michelle Snow

At the ripe age of 11, Michelle unknowingly started her entrepreneurial journey. Although she was simply trying to provide for her family by taking some of the pressure off of her ailing mother, she accidentally stumbled across what she now calls the Game Changer Formula.   

She would go on to receive over 150 academic and athletic scholarships, graduate with a degree in Psychology, become the first woman to dunk in a nationally televised game, drafted in the first round, first to dunk in WNBA All-Star game, set the stage for creative real estate investments, and retire as a sports Hall of Fame inductee in 2018. 

Rory Mitchell

My name is Rory Mitchell, let me introduce you to my journey in a short story. Born and raised in Canada from Jamaican parents, I bring much devoted time to share my passion in health and fitness for 7+ years as a certified Personal Trainer. With a wealth of knowledge in the industry and pivoting to help build better lives within the community

You can catch me as the host of the Mitchell Report Unleashed Podcast, which is available on all streaming platforms. 

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