James Scott

James born Glasgow, Scotland saw his first basketball game on tv in 92 the Dream Team playing in the gold medal game were he seen a little guy called John Stockton and thought that could be a game he could play.  John Stockton would happen to play for the Utah Jazz and as chance would have it James would be taken to Utah as a child to visit with the Allen family.  James would become more interested in basketball especially after their trip to Utah in 94′ when James on the advice of Tommy Allen would would pick the Utah Jazz to be his team.  James returned to Scotland and started to play for his high school team and a local club.  James Was also introduced to American Football  and was given a Dallas Cowboys shirt one Christmas so it was clear that would be who he should follow.  Much later in life James took his wife Rachel and 3 boys Logan, Carter and Cooper to visit his parents in the Bay Area where he was treated to his first baseball experience watching the Oakland A’s and after seeing his first baseball game in person he was hooked and as followed the A’s ever since.  On this same trip James realised a life long dream to see the Utah Jazz play in person and it just so happened the Jazz where in Oakland to take on the Golden State Warriors and he was treated to an amazing experience and win for the Jazz.
James recently had an idea to start up a podcast, a Scotsman talking American sports he planned for 5 episodes and thought he would be done “who is gonna listen to me talk about American Sports” however the support he received from family was enough to keep going and reach out to have guest.  Joe his step dad would be his first guest and this turned out to be one of the most popular episodes to date.  The NFL season was rearing his head so James started to look for a guest to come on and talk football, Katie would answer the call and ever since they have done 2 episodes a week together that are growing more and more popular.  Katie soon became a cohost her knowledge a passion for the game  of football is immense and James wanted Katie to stay on as a cohost were they now have a guest coming in once a week to guess the win margins.  James who’s first passion is basketball wanted someone else who was equally as passionate called in friend Ryan, again Ryan started as a guest but will now moving forward be a cohost covering the NBA.  Moving forward James has big plans so stay tuned for announcements in the near future.  

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